FILL OUT AND SIGN UP THE MODULE (COMPILABLE ACROBAT) scheda-socio-compilabile-2019-2020

IN CASE OF F.I.SI. CARD, SIGN UP THE MODULE M25  (DO NOT FILL BUT ONLY SIGN) facsimile-modulo-fisi-2019-2020

Our shares are extremely cheap considering the contents that we managed to obtain for the Members. We are always available to accommodate your applications and membership requests. There are many agreements and discounts on the daily and seasonal skipasses of the vast majority of ski lifts and carry out any competitive activity planned by our association.-

The printable skipass flyer is available here volantino-skipass-2019-2020

IMPORTANT To take advantage of the discounts on the 4 Consortiums and Cortina d’Ampezzo facilities, you must renew the registration or, in the case of the first time, register by clicking on the button below (at the bottom of the instructions *)



 Club card Venetian competitive skiing center (valid card to get discounts on skipasses)

 fill in with Acrobat Reader and sign the 2018-2019-filable module scheda-socio-compilabile-2019-2020

€ 20.00 for all without distinction of age

With the following advantages:

OBLIGATORY insurance coverage, stipulated exclusively by the Club with the General Insurance Policy of Assicurazioni Generali to cover the RCT for amateur athletes, pursuant to the Decree 3.11.2010, to protect the Member in the event that it causes bodily injuries resulting in death or permanent disability. “For the purposes of the insurance protection covered by this decree, the insured parties are required to pay the insurance premium exclusively through the obliged parties” Decree-sports-amateurs



 Club card Venetian competitive skiing center (valid card to get discounts on ski passes)

compile ON LINE with Acrobat Reader, print and sign the scheda-socio-compilabile-2019-2020

 + F.I.S.I card and sign the  facsimile-modulo-fisi-2019-2020 in all  points

€ 50.00 ADULTS

€ 27.00 UNDER 10 YEARS not completed

with the advantages that you can also deepen on the F.I.S.I. dedicated:

  1. Multi-Court Injury / TPL Convention policy fisi-capitolato-infortuni-rct-2018 For any further information we strongly recommend viewing the web page dedicated to the FISI link;
  2.  Possibility with payment of differentiated prizes for optional integration of the policy (on request) to the link;
  3.  New FISI membership agreements;
  4.   Reduction of € 40.00 on the seasonal Superski Dolomiti;
  5.  Skipass discount 50% in the ski resorts of Italy (link), under the heading “conventions” that adhere to the initiative indicated in the appropriate link;
  6. The Dolomiti Superski offers its members F.I.S.I. 5 days in which the 50% discount on the purchase of the daily skipass will be applied. Here are the days in detail:
  1. sabato 21 dicembre 2019
  2. domenica 22 dicembre 2019
  3. sabato 18 gennaio 2020
  4. sabato 22 marzo 2020
  5. domenica 23 marzo 2020

To subscribe, MANDATORY complete, sign and submit the scheda-socio-compilabile-2019-2020via fax at 041 8623434 or email module  and simultaneously make the payment of dues by bank wire to IBAN:

 IT82 C030 6909 6061 0000 0012 298 – INTESA SANPAOLO S.p.A.

or, alternatively, a FREE system will also be activated by phone, you pay by paypal paypalemail indicating the Club or mobile 3920245353 (mobile Club) and the “sending money to a friend.”


In order to avoid last-minute emergencies, we invite you to send us to the time the request for membership to the Club and the FISI to be able to issue the cards and be able to benefit as soon as possible of the benefits of the conventions, discounts on lift tickets and daily seasonal and carry out any competitive activity programmed by our association.


If the Member is NOT new and already owns Myskicard, found his card with the “Search” button, click on the “Complete” button, he will complete the card with his data including email and phone address and give consent to the Privacy. To complete the registration, you need to click on the “Rich” button. activation “which will generate an email to the Club.

If the Member is NEW, he must enter the Members area and look for his name IN EVERY CASE. If not (never had the Myskicard), click on the button “New member”, in the first field will choose from the drop-down menu “SKI CLUB AGONISTICO VENEZIANO” and complete the form as above. To complete the registration, you need to click on the “Rich” button. activation “which will generate an email to the Club.


Once the activation request has been received, the Club will proceed with the activation of the Myskicard, after sending the Membership Card and paying the registration fee.


The Member will receive a confirmation e-mail and can use Myskicard


Are you already in possession of a My Skiclub Card, have already entered your data on the Skiclub site and want to buy the daily sckipass ONLINE from the comfort of your home? Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps:

Go to the address: – “Skipass” section – “Upload e-Skipass”. Select one of the 4 affiliated consortia: 08 Val di Fiemme – 09 S.Martino di Castrozza / Passo Rolle – 11 Trevalli – 12 Civetta.

Click on the item “Skiclub” at the top left and enter the number of your My Skickub Card and you will see the rates reserved for you who are a member of the ski club.

Complete the purchase form with payment details by credit card: the ski pass will be loaded automatically on your SkiClub Card and you will be ready to ski without having to go to the ticket office.

My Dolomiti Ski Card is personal and nominative! It cannot be changed with other people and the first purchase has a cost of 3,00 euros.